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FAQs about Equity Lending inc


  • Our loan amounts range from $100,000 - 5M. Most of our loans are $300,000 - 1M and are for 12 months. 

What are your typical Loan Amounts?


What geographic ares do you fund?

  • We are based out of Washington D.C and do many deals within the District, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. We have also done deals in Delaware. 
  • We will consider any deal you bring us even if it is NOT in the DMV. However, we are extremely well versed in th DC market and have many connections and years of experience that will benefit you. 

What type of loans do you fund?

  • Foreclosure Loans
  • Fix/Flip Loans
  • Private Money Refinance
  • More! Just Ask
  • Acquisition Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Refinancing Loans
  • Short Sale Loans

What type of properties do you fund?

  • Residential single family for renovation or condo conversion
  • Residential multi family for renovation or condo conversion
  • Mixed use for renovation or condo conversion
  • Retail including single use and shopping centers
  • Retail pad sites
  • Office including office buildings and office condos
  • Industrial
  • Individual lots for development of single family and condos
  • Subdivisions
  • Raw land

I have an unconventional scenario - will you still fund me?




We have funded many unconventional scenarios and are not afraid of atypical deals. Here are some exampples of past scenarios we have funded:

  • Real Estate Developers — Small and Large
  • Individuals with a single deal
  • Foreclosure acquisitions where access for appraisal and due diligence was impossible and bank financing was not an option
  • Estates where one heir may want to retain a property and another heir may want to cash out
  • Deals that cannot wait for the full bank process including appraisal and full underwriting
  • Un-bankable deals where the property does not meet underwriting standards or the borrower does not qualify for a bank loan
  • Loans where a developer has a mostly complete project that serves as additional collateral for a new acquisition
  • Fix and flip deals of all kinds

Why You Should Borrow From Equity Lending Inc.


Principal to Principal: 

You will deal directly with the owners of Equity Lending, Inc. We have financed dozens of hard Money loans in and around Washington D.C.


Red Tape: 

We’ve seen most real estate scenarios many times. When necessary, we can recommend specialists who can help you get your deal closed. We will help you navigate some of the obstructions that can kill a profitable transaction.


We have almost 75 years of Private Lending experience among the 3 people you will be dealing with at Equity Lending, Inc. We have deep experience and knowledge of the DMV market as both Lenders and Development oriented principals.


 Let our experience help you make your deal a success. We will guide you through your transaction. As you move through the construction process, our experienced principals will provide advice.



We have less than a 1% default rate. We don’t fund the loan if there is any significant chance of a default.

Property Inspections:

 We will visit your property and meet you as soon as we have an approved term sheet. Or sooner.





Broker Network

Broker referrals are an important source of new Hard Money Loans for Equity Lending, Inc. Our Broker network creates opportunities for us to fund deals and we are the source of funds for Brokers to fulfill their client's needs. Brokers are protected and paid when the deal closes.




Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions about our deals, the funding process, or how we might be able to work together. 

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